Resource Efficiency

As a corporation with diversified business interests, we have a responsibility to address the issue of resource scarcity to expand business opportunities and protect stakeholder value.

Our sustainability objective is simple: we want to derive more value from less to achieve eco-efficiency. Right across our value chain, we have implemented various initiatives to deliver more value, whilst promoting the sustainable consumption of resources.

Water Management

With the aim of reducing the consumption of freshwater, we have taken steps to enhance our efficiency levels in terms of modifying and enhancing the productivity of our processes that consume water. We have also taken on a more sustainable approach by recycling wastewater wherever possible.

Examples of various initiatives conducted throughout the Group are:

    • Installation of rainwater harvesting systems to store rainwater for operational use
    • Utilisation of water catchment areas and reservoirs at our mill operations
    • Collection of used water for suitable domestic consumption and as cooling water in our cooling towers
    • Conduct training to educate and raise employee awareness levels on effective water management. We also extend our awareness programmes to our guests and visitors at our hotels, resorts and malls.


Total Water Withdrawn in 2020


Energy Management

Ensuring energy efficiency is imperative as we move towards a low carbon economy. We place great emphasis on the strategic and sustainable management of energy including exploring the use of renewable and cleaner energy sources to cut operating costs and reduce our environmental footprint.

Total Energy Consumption in 2020

2019: 2,077,332.93 GJ

Waste Management

We are committed to ensuring sustainable consumption and production. We seek out opportunities to eliminate and minimise waste via environmentally-sound waste management across our operations.

Effective waste management enables us to operate efficiently in terms of our material consumption. We look to prevent waste disposal by reducing, reusing, recycling or recovering used materials.

Examples of various initiatives conducted throughout the Group are:

  • Employing Zero Waste Strategy, where biomass waste used for mulching in Plantation Division
  • Implementing Reuse, Reduce and Recycle (3R) programme in Pharmaniaga and Heavy Industries
  • Encouraging our employees and guests at our Hotels & Resorts to go paperless in the effort to reduce on paper waste
  • In University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM), food and green waste are converted into organic compost


Total General Waste Generated in 2020