Scam Notice

We wish to advise that Boustead Holdings Berhad does not carry out any on-line recruitment except through our website and/or through our appointed professional recruitment agencies.

Please be further advised that any on-line communication from Boustead Holdings Berhad, including matters pertaining to recruitment, will be made using the e-mail domain only.

We further clarify that any recruitment of employees for Boustead Holdings Berhad will be handled direct by our officials from our office in Malaysia or through the said professional recruitment agencies.

Please note that any/all employment opportunities offered through websites other than, using e-mail domains other than and/or not through our authorized officials from our office in Malaysia or the said professional recruitment agencies are not valid/genuine. We will not be responsible for any damages or losses suffered to anyone arising therefrom.

Please further note that it is not the policy of Boustead Holdings Berhad to request any payment or charge any fee for the processing of job applications and employment passes/work permits.

For further queries and/or clarifications, please e-mail us at