Sustainability @ Boustead

Sustainability to Boustead is about operating in a manner that allow us to create short, medium and long-term value for our various stakeholders – our customers, shareholders, business partners, vendors, employees and the community – by:
  • Upholding strong corporate governance to secure our stakeholders’ trust
  • Meeting our commitment to shareholders
  • Ensuring our products and services are relevant
  • Developing talents and safeguarding their well-being
  • Protecting our natural capital
  • Contributing to social equity
In 2021, we aligned our sustainability strategy with the newly launched Boustead Hijau (BIJAU) Agenda, which will guide us as we integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into the core of our operations.

Our aim is not only to minimise our environmental footprint but to protect the environment through eco-friendly products and solutions. In the social realm, we are moving towards digitilisation and innovation across our organisation that will enable us to develop products that are inclusive and accessible by people who were previously underserved or unserved.

Supporting these efforts is a continuously strengthened governance framework to ensure transparency and integrity in all our actions. Integrity is a key value at Boustead; it represents our soul. As we work towards sustainability, we will do so with integrity and sincerity, which underpins everything we do.

Sustainability Governance

Roles & Responsibilities

  • As the apex body accountable for general oversight of all sustainability matters, the Board sets Boustead Holdings Berhad’s sustainability strategy and is charged with ensuring its systematic implementation.

  • SC supports the Board in executing its responsibilities in line with the Group’s sustainability objectives, policies and practices. The Committee meets a minimum of once every six months.

  • SMC consists of representatives from across the Group who are entrusted with the task of ensuring that the Group fulfils its sustainability objectives, policies and practices.

  • The Sustainability Secretariat works in collaboration with divisional sustainability teams and champions across the Group to ensure that the Group’s sustainability performance is reported and updated accurately.
  • The Sustainability Secretariat also provides support in relation to corporate sustainability matters.

  • The divisional sustainability teams and champions are entrusted with the task of providing on-theground support in executing the Group’s sustainability initiatives.
  • The divisional sustainability teams and champions provide progress reports on the relevant initiatives as well as the associated sustainability performance.

Sustainability Policy

Boustead Group’s Sustainability Policy acts as a guide to our sustainability practices and affirms our commitment and dedication to sustainable decision making.

This overarching sustainability policy is further supported by various policies and internal guidelines developed within our Divisions to govern the day-to-day management of economic, social and environmental matters.

Our Supporting Policies

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