Our Sustainability Governance

A clear governance and management structure enables us to deliver on our sustainability mandate.

Advocating Safe Workplaces And Healthy Employees

Prevention of harm at the workplace and to promote the good health of our employees as well as our onsite contractors.

Caring For Our People

Ensuring our human capital strategy fulfils the goal of talent development, attraction and retention, while ensuring good labour practices are adhered to in line with our commitment to respecting human rights.

Operating With Ethics And Integrity

Ingraining ethics, integrity and transparency in our corporate culture so that the Group and its employees abide by high ethical standards and compliance in all undertakings.

Spearheading Innovation For Better Products And Services

Continuous provision of novel high-quality products and services that provide value to customers, allowing the Group to strengthen our relevance, through research, development and innovation activities.

Protecting The Environment

Minimising our environmental footprint by managing our GHG emissions and energy use, responsible use of resources including water and other natural resources as well as conscientious waste management.

Encouraging Mutual Growth

Provision of business prospects as a result of our operations across diverse sectors of the economy.

Reaching Out To Communities

Empowering communities through our corporate social responsibility efforts in welfare, health and education.

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Sustainability Report 2020

Download our latest sustainability report here.